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Watercolor Butterfly 6
" A teddy bear "

I believe in Magic and there is just something so very magical about a teddy bear. They seem to carry such a wonderful energy. They radiate love, admiration, trust, loyalty, hope, nostalgia, they stir so many memories and then create new ones all at the same time, Anyone who has looked into the eyes of  traditional bears would find if very difficult not to agree that there is something so very knowing and wise about these little cuddly creatures.


I have always had a great fascination with history and mix that up with my love for childhood magic I just seemed destined to create heirloom bears, bears that are not only magical but also have purpose, be it to remember a loved one or to simply just radiate nostalgia love and storytelling. My first bear was a turning point in my life, and I am so thankful I tried my hand at this craft.

Because I love old things it felt only right that my bears were sewn with the very loyal and much loved singer sewing machine, My first singer dear lady that she is, sat silently and patiently in my home for over 5 years before I realised she would become my best friend and help me create such magical bears. With over 100 years’ experience on her side I bet she has a few tales she could tell!


My bears are all made using traditional teddy bear methods, I hand sketch my patterns, so no bear is ever the same, they are all stuffed with Kapok, wood wool and French Lavender. They are weighed using a handmade bag of natural quartz stones. My joint discs are hand cut by my wonderful husband who uses history infused vintage wood.

With my love for Mother earth I try my hardest to create bears that are environmentally friendly and that will withstand the test of time and love but when their day does finally come, they will become a memory and not a burden to our planet!

I like to give my bears a purpose when they go off on their travels, so I give them an antique trinket to keep with keep with them, something that’s in its day was loved and adored by the special person who once owned it. Once the bears have their keepsake ,I know that this precious little piece of history instead of being forgotten in a drawer or lost in a shoe box can now be adored again and continue its life with a little bit more pride and the bears let us say have just a little                                                   


 je ne sais quoi!.